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Is a project that is spread over many months of search and study .
Is , essentially , a study of the Holy Scriptures , published on the web .
Is a short and personal reflexion on spiritual , life and its meaning .
Is : sharing faith with my kind , a personal testimony to Truth .

Why this site ?

Knowing the human condition , observing our everyday life , in a time where many do not question , or do not question any more about the existence of a supreme Being having created the universe , like a believer living in an unbelieving world but knowing how important it is to discover Truth ... etredivin . info wanted to make known part of the Message given by our Creator in his Word , to stir people's consciences to a Super Reality and make known too , from the word , who the true God is . Bible is the plain truth everyone may learn . Bible is the only and true word of the living and the eternal God . To the small as to the great , to the poorest as to the richest , to the weak as to the mighty , God reveals his Justice . Through the Holy Scriptures , the true , unique and living God is giving to each of us a serious and solemn warning before the coming of the end . God loves us . He is very merciful towards Men . Scriptures teach we are , ALL , guilty . It is written that the heart of the problem of all humans resides in the depth of their heart itself . ( Matthew 15: 18, 19 ) ( NIV ) Holy Scriptures teach that faith and through Jesus of Nazareth , the problematics of evil is resolved .

How to navigate

etredivin . info is published in three languages : french , english and spanish .Choose desired language. Texts are a personal reflexion and through them , the visitor is introduced to the word of God .Generally, coloured words refer to precise verse of Bible and following stars are more info about . Good reflexion and good surf to all .

Scripture taken , mainly , from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION @ . Copyright 1973,1978,1984 by International Bible Society , Zondervan. All rights reserved .
Scripture taken , too , from King James Version .

The texts " Origin of Evil " have been taken from the book [ The Great Controversy ] written by Ellen G. White. Miss Ellen G. White worked within the Seventh - Day Adventist church . has been uploaded on server February 11 / 2013 , 7: 30 A . M .

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