I am the Alpha and the Omega , the First and the Last , the Beginning and the End . ”

Book of Revelation  22: 13

God is Spirit
red star

The Timeless Treasure

In whatever the sphere or domain we are , the question to know if God exists is crucial , vital , fundamental and of the utmost importance . It ' s about our personal relationship with our Creator . It's about the future of our existence afterlife . The existence of Man on earth is not " accidental " ; Adam and Eve were a special creation of a Wise and Holy God . gold star Aqua star sand star Aqua star red star violet star God , who is immortal and eternal intends HIS creature to immortality . From Him , You and me , have life , growth and the breath . yellow star

The breath of life that is making our heart beating strong and keeping us alive is powerful . orange star orange star If God is not revealing to us , we cannot know Him . No expert can , hardly , refute the testimony given in the Bible because , the Scriptures are God-Breathed . gold star gold star purple star gold star Through the authors of the texts , the True God is speaking to humans . The Holy Scriptures are giving the right time to Humans ; it belongs to them to know and discover the extraordinary Message given from their Creator through his Word .


Last updated : December / 01 / 2018